Episode 14- Shrina Kurani talks of channeling innovation & positive vision for a sustainable future.

With Shrina Kurani

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About Shrina Kurani

Shrina Kurani lives at the nexus of climate, policy, and technology. With a background in engineering and entrepreneurship culminating in a financial platform that has now invested over $1B into technology, Shrina channeled innovation and a positive vision for a sustainable future into her campaign for United States Congress.

Having studied a masters in sustainability, Shrina is an engineer, entrepreneur, and fact-based problem solver. The daughter of Indian immigrants who sought the American Dream, she has focused her career on building businesses that reduce waste and create quality jobs. Shrina worked to start companies aimed at reducing waste and creating sustainable solutions for food and water, and she has worked as an advisor to startup businesses, both large and small, that are developing ways to make healthcare and education more affordable, accessible, equitable, and effective.

Most recently, Shrina has been building a company to increase opportunities by focusing on addressing disparities in the funding of startup businesses founded by women and people of color.
On top of her many hats, Shrina has also decided to contest against a Republican representative in his constituency in her attempt to become a member of the House of Representatives and work for the welfare of the masses. She will be fighting against incumbent Ken Calvert on a Democratic ticket in the mid-term elections to be held in November 2022.

Now, Shrina is helping candidates like her run for office and innovators get the support they need to build a more sustainable future.

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