Episode 6- The business of doing right for the Planet & bringing game-changing thought leaders together in one room

With Guy Hayler

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Guy Hayler – On How to Inspire People to Connect with Nature, Applying a Positive Mindset to Deliver Business as a Force For Good.

About Guy Hayler

Guy is a founder of Wavelength Ventures and commercial director of Wavelength Media. Keen surfer and outdoor enthusiast, he spent years travelling to the Globes most remote surf breaks, dreaming up businesses. Graduating from Newcastle University with a degree in Geography, Guy went on to work in the financial sector before working for Crowdfunder and more recently for Wavelength Media and Ventures.

Wavelength originally started out as a magazine that dates back to 1981. Leveraging the creativity side of the original magazine, Wavelength evolved to build  a community of outdoor enthusiasts. More recently, Guy has moved Wavelength into the venture capitalist sector, funding businesses that align to values and ethos.

Guy’s love for the great outdoors has driven his pursuit to place sustainability at the epicenter of doing business. In helping fund purposeful businesses to become successful and profitable, they can grow to have a bigger impact. In the last two years his company has helped raise £75 million for 23 businesses, all of which align to an ethos of inspiring healthy living, the power of the outdoors and a sustainable mindset.

Sitting at the heart of Wavelengths ethos, is a new event that was launched last year.  The Blue Earth Summit is a 2-day event that brings together a dynamic mix of communities that share a love for the great outdoors and who strive to see business as a force for good.

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