Episode 16- Sal Montgomery on her passion for kayaking, adventuring in the most untouched wilderness

With Sal Montgomery

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About Sal Montgomery

As a former member of Team GB Kayak, Sal Montgomery shares with Mike about how she got into the world of kayaking. Sal talks about her numerous expeditions, often with an all-male team and occasionally taking on the role of safety kayaker on TV series. She has saved people from drowning on more than one occasion.

Expedition kayaker and adventure author, Sal can usually be found in deep, committing canyons, exploring unknown whitewater and dropping off tall waterfalls. Sal’s led multiple first-descents all over the world, often in some pretty weird and wonderful places!

Sal trained as a physiotherapist and worked with the NHS during the Pandemic while travels could no longer happen.

When she’s not working at Nottinghamshire’s Kings Mill Hospital, she’s out conquering uncharted territory in her one-woman kayak. Sal’ passion for exploring has led her to visit some of the world’s most dangerous and beautiful locations.

When I realised this was something I could just go and do – I was addicted. I spent all my free time working on my kayaking, putting the hours in practicing techniques and going on more and more adventures.Sal Montgomery

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