Episode 11- Oliver Wright on leaving the corporate world for his passion, wildlife photography and ecology through the lens

With Oliver Wright

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About Oliver Wright

Oliver became a full-time professional photographer in February 2014.  Since then his work has taken him around the world (Northern Sweden, Switzerland, Ecuador, etc) and included many exciting jobs from photographing the king of Sweden in the wilderness of Abisko to talking for Canon at ‘The Photography Show’ on Canon’s main stage in 2019.

He has developed his own style of photography by using focus stacking in many genres and specialises in handheld stacking creating a unique style and set of images.

Oliver’s time is currently spent between Yorkshire and Northern Sweden where he’s a senior guide for Lights Over Lapland, giving him access to Europe’s last great wilderness for part of the year. Many of the images, videos, and blogs from this region are included in the website

‘The lockdown made me appreciate what wildlife is on my doorstep- Leeds isn’t seen as a particularly diverse in wildlife, but once you start looking, you find so much beauty in the little things around our back garden, on the moors.’Oliver Wright

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