Episode 12- Linzi Boyd on her “aha” moment shaping her life and career with meaning and purpose.

With Linzi Boyd

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About Linzi Boyd

Through this episode, Linzi takes us on her own personal journey of how she had an “aha” moment, shaping her life into her career successes today with meaning and purpose.

Linzi walks us through a range of topics, from the Ethical side of business, to what it means to build a brand (not to be confused with branding) and most importantly Linzi’s mission in business, which is how to create an impact through your life’s work.

Linzi Boyd is an inspirational businesswoman who has successfully launched, developed, and sold multiple businesses throughout her career. She was able to start her first business at 18 and before the age of 25, had built up and sold two of her own companies. Linzi continues to work in the business industry, but now also works as a global business speaker, sharing her knowledge on different business topics with her audience.

In 1991, Linzi became the Managing Director of her first business, Accent Ladies and continued to open a second business four years later. Both businesses were greatly successful and her second business, Stride was later sold to Caterpillar group. Linzi is currently the Founder of One Earth and Race to Impact the World, where she continues to help businesses work together and educate others about the business industry, including the culture within it.

Linzi has gained opportunities to speak at multiple different events around the world, being invited to speak with multiple well-known presenters and personally presenting awards ceremonies such as the LFC Awards Ceremony. She has expanded upon her career by becoming a best-selling author, after publishing ‘Brand Famous’ in 2014 and is now focusing on building her speaking career by booking events all over the world.

As both a businesswoman and speaker, Linzi Boyd has been able to grow her success within her career and is now looking to implement change within the business industry by introducing the idea of a new era of uniting companies around the world. She has been able to use her knowledge and experience to help others develop in their careers. When looking for a speaker who offers her opinions and expertise on business topics, look no further than Linzi Boyd.

“And I stood there and I looked at that girl aged 11 and I thought where’s she gone, and knew that I would build my fourth business where I’ll transfer all my knowledge to help companies increase the valuation of their company, but also the main criteria that they would build a business that would lead with purpose and impact and make a positive change in the world.”Linzi Boyd

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