Episode 1- Organic regenerative farming in Bali, the soil health revolution & why garbage is killing tourism

With Tim Fijal

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The difference between permaculture and regenerative agriculture, on Bali’s UNESCO world heritage delicate network of SUBAKs, on pollution- the shocking truth of Bali, and on ‘The Astungkara Way’ pilgrimage.

About Tim Fijal

Original founder of ‘The Kul Kul Connection’ community bridging initiative at The Green School in Bali, Tim Fijal is a regenerative farmer and environmentalist. Working alongside local Balinese farmers to revitalize soils and encourage the ‘Regenerative Agricultural’ green movement, Tim formed the social enterprise, The Astungkara Way; A Regenerative Action initiative that empowers individuals and communities to reconnect with nature and the source of the food they eat, offering connectedness to nature with pilgrimage trails across Bali.
Tim supports and advocates for:
Scholars of Sustenance
The Astungkara Way

‘I think the great challenge is to remove judgment from the equation when we have conversations around plastic pollution with local Balinese, so that we empower through education instead of judgment. All companies that are producing this (plastic) waste are going to have to start to take responsibility about the pollution at scale’ – Tim Fijal


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