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Nature Works podcast is for everyone who wants to understand our relationship with the natural world and how we can go about improving it. Emphasising science, wild experiences and superbly articulated stories, we learn from global experts across a range of environmental, conservation, sustainable business and adventure topics.

From the last untouched coral reefs of the Pacific to the mountains of Alaska, to the kelp forests of Britain, to the high mountain homes of the snow leopard. Join us as Nature Works discovers the natural world through the voices of experts who understand our planet best.
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Your host

For over three decades, Mike has worked as a pro rock climber, elite performance coach, TV producer, public speaker, entrepreneur and interviewer.

Author of two books, Untrain Your Brain (Vermillion) and Resilience By Design (Wiley), Mike now oversees global business development and Media for Laconic Infrastructure Partners, an American Environmental, Social Governance company that is developing the world‘s largest organic regenerative agriculture projects and specialising in environmental monitoring.

“My main interest lies in the relational patterns between humans and the natural systems that enable life on our planet.”

Mike lives in Bali, Indonesia, where he leads Laconic’s research and restoration projects that include regenerative farming of polluted rice paddies and cleaning local river systems. In his spare time he can be found rescuing far too many stray dogs (seven and counting), surfing and climbing with his wife and two young sons.

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